The Green of the World: Recycled Wood Furniture

Recycled wood furniture

The Green of the World: Recycled Wood Furniture

Are you in store for some information on recycled wood furniture? At this age, the world is dying. Trashes are everywhere, the sea is filled with spilt oil, the woods are being cut down and being burned down, people farting without telling others that they want to do so; those are prime examples on why the world is dying. Humanity stretched the nature so thin, that even the nature started to fight back. Hurricanes everywhere, seasons that are no longer readable, massive flood all over the world, the rise of sea levels, the rise of temperature, snow in the Sahara; all of that is the cause of humanity’s supremacy and greed.

What can we do to counter it? Recycling of course!

While the answer is perhaps a bit sarcastic (let us face it. You cannot put out a forest fire with recycling things only), I am not kidding around when recycling stuff CAN help with the effort to counter all of that. Recycled stuffs are often cool to look at, and at the same time, you can help prolong the world’s life by recycling things. See that unused bottle by the ground? Pick it up and go recycle it. You can turn that bottle into something that is more interesting (like bottle rockets). See that piece of cut wood that the carpenters are no longer using? Grab it and change it into something that is more useful (like a makeshift skateboard). If you are talented in the art of carpentry, why not grab that piece of wood and change it into a furniture of your own making? Surely you would not need to go to a furniture shop if you can do something like that. You save money and you save the world as well.

Why should I buy furniture made of recycled wood?

Because recycled wood are priceless. When I say priceless here, it mean two things: the wood does not have a designated price (because some carpenters saw it as trash), and it cannot be measured with a designated pricing (too precious if you want to see it in the simplest of way). You can get it for cheap (or no price paid at all), and you can turn it into something that have a price of its own.

By buying furniture made of recycled wood, you helped the world by reducing wood pollution and wood usage. Like I said, wood is a precious commodity; using less would help the world recoup with how the world has treated it.

Where can I find stores that sell furniture made of recycled wood?

You will not find furniture made of recycled wood in home depot (some will sell it to you, but not all). The best place to get this kind of furniture is your local carpenter. Local carpenter is not hard to find if you are living in the countryside. However, if you live in the big city, then be ready to search the outskirts.

Last but not least, do not be afraid of the cost. Recycled wood furniture are often cheap, so you do not have to worry that much.