Antiquities of Life: Antique Pine Furniture

Looking for some information on antique pine furniture? Stuff of antiquities always have their own certain charm. Antiquities work like a magnet, as in it will attract some people to it. Old people, antique people, old antique people, and hipsters are all flies that are attracted to the light of antique stuffs. This ‘odd’ attraction is perhaps caused by the lone fact that antiquities are awesome. They, according to those people I mentioned from before, are simpler and easier to the eye. When the modern world now turned to the digital world, antiquities cater to those whose mind resides in a simpler time. I cannot blame those who decided to stick their mind in that timeline, as I have to admit that even I found some antiques to be cool.

There are lots of antiques out there, and you can often find antique furniture. Why furniture? Basically, everything antique will get ‘eaten’ by time. Antique foods (if it even exist), gone thanks to the bacteria of our world. Antique ideologies? Gone! Replaced by a more sensible ideology that would certainly change the world for the better. Antique conservationist way of seeing things (such as sexual disparity and homophobic tendency)? Gone! Replaced by a more liberal, progressive mind that is the reality of our world at the moment. All of those antiquities are prone to be ‘deleted’, be it by natural cause or by the change in human’s hearts. Not furniture though. You cannot ‘erase’ a piece of furniture from history just by doing some speeches in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Bacteria would not eat your furniture, as they cannot eat wood (pretty much like your day to day human). Antique furniture, especially one made of pine wood, can last for centuries if left untouched and left submerged under water.

Why pine wood though?

Have you ever seen a pine tree? If you have, surely you will know how tall and how long lasting they can be. Imagine if you cut that pine tree down and turn it into a piece of furniture. Some pine trees could last until 80,000 years. Now, imagine a furniture that could last you for 80,000 years.

Pine wood furniture are effective at being ‘alive’. You buy yourself one and it can last for centuries if you keep it right (be sure to tell your children to take care of the pine wood furniture, as I doubt that you can outlive a pine wood furniture. Tell your children to teach their children as well).

So, why antique pine wood furniture?

You keep asking me question in which the answer is obvious. It is only because it is an antique. Like I said from before, the antique has their own market. If you are interested in a more old-looking designed furniture, then you cannot go wrong with antique furniture. The pine wood part is more of an encouragement for you to buy a stronger furniture so that it can last for a long time.

I hope this information is useful for those who are interested in an antique pine furniture.