Solitaire British-Round-Table

British Round Table

 Solitaire British-stool

British Stool

 Solitaire massive-console

Massive Console

 Solitaire paris

Paris Dining Set

 Solitaire crossleg-round-table

Crossleg Round Table


 Solitaire Patio-Shelving

Patio Shelving

 Solitaire suar-industrial

Suar Industrial Console

 Solitaire jeff-cabinet

Jeff Cabinet

 Solitaire jeff-DT

Jeff Dining Table

 Solitaire jeff-Sideboard

Jeff Sideboard


 Solitaire ferro-modul

Ferro Entertainment Module

 Solitaire funky-cab

Funky Cabinet

 Solitaire huiss-cabinet

Huiss Cabinet

 Solitaire Bali-bed

Bali  Bed

 Solitaire molton-cab

Molton Cabinet

 Solitaire tube-cabinet

Tube Cabinet

 Solitaire tube-dt

Tube Dining Table

 Solitaire vanity-cabinet

Vanity Cabinet

 Solitaire vanity-table

Vanity Table

 Solitaire scandiv-chair

Scandiv Chair


 Solitaire Georgia-Cabinet

Georgia Cabinet


 Solitaire Georgia-Table

Georgia Table


 Solitaire Georgia

Georgia Console


 Solitaire jeff-console

Jeff Console



Selection of Individual pieces or small-range of furniture in several designs and styles that can be mixed with other furniture in any room.