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Meet Us at Ambiente 2023!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

After four long years without attending any exhibitions due to the pandemic, we're delighted to announce that we will finally be exhibiting our latest collection at Ambiente 2023 with CBI! We're so excited to meet you and show you our latest collection.

When will we be at Ambiente 2023?

Ambiente will be held on 3 - 7 February 2023 in Frankfurt. We'll be exhibiting at Hall 10.4, booth C61.

You can also contact us through email at if you want further information on our collection or presence on Ambiente 2023.

What collection are we going to display at Ambiente 2023?

These past two years, we've been working with CBI to develop a sustainable and exciting collection to display at Ambiente. The design process was both challenging and exciting. After many trials and errors and experimenting with multiple designs, materials, and finishes, we finally came up with two versions of the LUNAR Collection: the rattan and stone veneer.

The Design

We love contemporary design, combining traditional and modern elements to create something unique with familiarity; that is what LUNAR is about. LUNAR was inspired by classic Chinese furniture design. We then simplify and adjust it with our chosen material, reclaimed pine wood.

Working with CBI, we wanted to create something different, so we experimented with materials we hadn't used before. We tried a few options but ended up with stone veneer and rattan cane webbing.

LUNAR Stone Veneer

The stone veneer material was chosen because it has - a better version of the abstract and organic patterns that we love from our initial material, raw burnt steel, without the rust issue. We pair it with a dark-stained reclaimed pine wood body to highlight its textures and patterns.

LUNAR Stone Veneer is one of our bolder collections. The monochromatic color scheme makes it looks clean and modern, but the rich textures give it warmth and dimension.

LUNAR Rattan

Our initial design for LUNAR use muted brown color for the reclaimed wood body to give the collection a warm and vintage charm. However, since we changed the color to dark wood in LUNAR Stone Veneer, the overall vibes became more modern, so we decided to bring back the muted brown color for LUNAR Rattan.

Sustainability Aspects

Sustainability is our priority while designing and producing our furniture. The same goes while designing the LUNAR Collection. Here are some sustainability efforts that we did in the process of creating LUNAR.

Reclaimed and Renewable Materials

We use reclaimed pine wood as the primary material to prolong the wood's life. In addition, we use rattan cane webbing, a local and natural material. Both materials are natural and renewable.

Non-toxic, Water-based Finishing

We use a non-toxic water-based finish for all our collections, including LUNAR stone and rattan. Additionally, all LUNAR Collections are finished by hand.


See you soon!


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