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When designing and producing our furniture, durability is one of our main concerns. We aim to create furniture that is not only beautiful but also built to last.

We also want to embrace the natural characteristics of the reclaimed wood while maintaining a consistent quality standards.  

Here are some quality standards for our handmade reclaimed teak wood furniture:

Detailed view on Arch Bench leg construction.


Just like our brand name, KAYULAMA, which means old wood, our main raw materials are reclaimed wood sourced from decades-old houses.

As most of our raw materials consist of beams and columns, there are limitations to the width and length. They also possess distinctive features that set them apart from newly cut wood.

Each nick, hair crack, color variation, construction detail, and nail hole tells the wood's origin and provenance.


Maximum width 12-13cm with maximum length 350cm

Construction holes and hair cracks

Nail holes

Colour variations

Use lamination for wider boards and maximum furniture length is 350cm

Use patching

Use wood filler

Stain or colour touch-ups


As we mentioned before, some of the distinctive features of reclaimed teak wood is the nicks, construction holes and nail marks. To minimize the look of it, we’ll use wood patching, fillers, and dowels. 

Here are our quality standard for reclaimed teak wood patches:

  1. We use similar coloured wood to use as patching.

  2. There might be 0.5mm to 1.0mm glue line around the patch.

  3. The patching fiber’s direction will be correspondent to the plank.

  4. We fill nail marks with Sayerlack filler.

  5. We use rectangular shapes for all patches.

  6. The minimum patch thickness is 15mm.

  7. All screw holes will be covered with wooden dowel.

  8. For wider planks, there might be more than 2 patches.

Danke Dining Table with a patching on it's leg.


When it comes to construction, durability is one of our main concerns. We aim to create furniture that is not only beautiful
but also built to last.


We also seek to showcase Indonesian craftsmanship while maintaining quality consistency; that's why we combine both hand-made and machinery processes.

Here are the quality standards for the reclaimed teak wood
furniture construction:


  1. All knocked-down (KD) legs are non-interchangeable.

  2. The external dimensions have a tolerance of 5.0mm since our furniture is handcrafted.

  3. As we perform lamination manually, there is a possibility of glue lines showing, with a tolerance ranging from 0.5mm to 1.0mm.

  4. Some of the table and benches' legs undergo lamination, particularly those wider than 7cm.

  5. Due to the wire-brushing process, there might be gaps ranging from 1.0mm to 2.0mm at the joining sections.

  6. Leg adjusters are added to dining and coffee tables by request.


we love the natural character of reclaimed teak wood. Therefore, we want to embrace it rather than conceal it.


Our finishes are designed to enhance the beauty of the wood’s natural textures while maintaining our quality standards.

Here are our finishing standards for reclaimed teak wood furniture:

  1. We use an iron wire brush to rustic all visible surfaces.

  2. We use sanding paper no. 120 for non-visible surfaces.

  3. There are multiple rustic levels available for our products (smooth, medium, and hard rustic).

  4. Since we use reclaimed teak wood, there will be natural colour variations such as golden brown, lighter brown, dark brown, and green-ish colour. We’ll use Golden Care to minimize them.

  5. We either stain or paint the plywood used.


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KAYULAMA Office in Jepara
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